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Omni Aircraft Maintenance Services Overview

At Omni Aircraft Maintenance we know the importance of safety, timeliness and consistent communication. Our maintenance team first gained experience by providing in-house maintenance for our sister company, Omni Air Transport, a private aircraft operator. After nearly 40 years of safety, reliability and service excellence, we expanded our operations to serve our industry partners. 


We are proud to be business jet and turboprop maintenance experts. At Omni Aircraft Maintenance, we are committed to integrity, quality, safety and service. Whether you own a single aircraft or an entire fleet, we offer a broad range of capabilities and services. 


Our Aircraft Capabilities: 

  • Learjet 40
  • Learjet 45
  • Learjet 70
  • Learjet 75
  • Learjet 60
  • King Air 350


On-site Airframe Inspections

Airframe inspections are an integral part of any aircraft maintenance plan. Inspection requirements differ based on FAA guidelines, manufacturer requirements and the various uses of your aircraft. However, you can expect to complete routine airframe inspections as part of your maintenance program. It might be an annual inspection, a progressive inspection or an inspection scheduled after 50 or 100 hours of flight time. 


Omni Aircraft Maintenance offers on-site airframe inspections as well as pre-buy inspections. Our team works with you to minimize your aircraft’s downtime and streamline communications. We also help you document and stay on schedule to comply with all of your required inspections. We’ll take care of the necessary paperwork and source any necessary parts. 


Avionics Troubleshooting and Testing

Today’s avionics systems are complex technologies that increase the safety and efficiency of your aircraft. Your aircraft’s avionics can include:

  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Monitoring
  • Aircraft Flight-Control System
  • Fuel Systems
  • Collision Avoidance Systems 
  • Flight Recorders 
  • Weather Systems 
  • Aircraft Management Systems 


Omni Aircraft Maintenance provides testing and troubleshooting for these critical systems. Our extensive experience helps us identify issues that are common to particular aircraft and equipment. We use a systemic approach to target the source of the problem efficiently.  


Aircraft on Ground Services 

Unscheduled maintenance impacts your business and lifestyle. We are centrally located to provide responsive aircraft on ground (AOG) services. We provide 24/7 access to our management team and our highly-trained technicians are always ready to bring our AOG services to your location. 


We provide a plan and a timeline for your repair that puts safety and quality first. Our team will keep you updated every step of the way as we guide you through any recommendations. 


Component Replacements 

Sometimes it does not make sense to repair a part due to the repair costs or the time required to troubleshoot. Omni Aircraft Maintenance technicians help you determine if component replacement is the best option for your aircraft. We will source the necessary parts or components and provide transparent pricing for the part as well as the labor required for the replacement. 


Transparency plays a part in everything we do and every client we serve. We like to use the metaphor of a service station for your car. When you have a car problem, where would you rather be: the service station that tells you nothing but hands you an invoice or the mechanic that takes their time to explain each and every item they plan to service? 


Engine Periodic Inspections

Proactive inspections and preventative maintenance can help ensure your aircraft is ready to fly when you are. The Omni Aircraft Maintenance team can perform engine periodic inspections and recommend the appropriate inspection interval. 


Paint and Interior Restoration 

Many aircraft owners choose to paint the exterior of their aircraft or modify the interior cabin.  While Omni Aircraft Maintenance does not have a full paint shop, we offer minor touch up paint applications. We do have a list of preferred painting partners we can recommend to help you update your aircraft to reflect your personal taste, match your company’s brand or increase your resale value. 


Exterior paint helps protect your plane and increase its longevity. Attractive and comfortable interiors make private travel even more luxurious and can also make your jet more appealing to potential charter guests if you choose to charter your plane when not in use.   


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Weight and Balance 

It is required to have accurate weight and balance data onboard your aircraft. Your crew will use this information to ensure that your fuel, passenger load and current operating conditions are in compliance with your aircraft operating limitations. We have the capabilities to perform weight and balance calculations on-site. 


Cabin Detailing and Disinfecting 

Cabin detailing and disinfecting are more important now than ever before. We disinfect your aircraft cabin with ClearCabin Antimicrobial Barrier Treatment. This unique cleaning solution is an antimicrobial barrier treatment that forms an invisible bio-barrier coating when applied to surfaces. It continues to fight bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi for up to 3 months after application.


We also perform CURoxide Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging. Hydrogen peroxide fogging kills germs in the air, under, around, and on top of every surface. The air is safe to breathe, with no irritating chemicals left behind following the treatment. It is effective against influenza, measles, norovirus, MERS, MRSA, SARS, and staph.


With our cabin detailing and disinfecting services, your aircraft cabin will be clean and healthy for you and your guests. 

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Consulting Services  

In addition to all of our maintenance services, we also provide consulting services to assist you with your aircraft maintenance program. We can make recommendations for scheduled maintenance, determine the best path for repair or replacement, or evaluate an acquisition target. Our capable team along with our computerized tracking system will ensure your inspections and maintenance events are planned and executed on schedule. 


At Omni Aircraft Maintenance, we want to partner with you to provide a safe, reliable aircraft that performs for many years to come and protects your investment. 


Request a quote today or call our Scheduling Hotline 24/7 at (918)-236-4859 to get started.