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From Nose to Tail: Omni Aircraft Maintenance Has You Covered

When it comes to business jets and private planes, Omni Aircraft Maintenance has the experience and service capabilities to maintain your plane from nose to tail. 


We’ve spent more than four decades maintaining our in-house fleet with our sister company Omni Air Transport.  As a charter service operator, we know the importance of safety, reliability and quality. We also know how critical consistent communication is for our aircraft owners. Whether you are completing scheduled maintenance or making a time-sensitive repair, you need transparent pricing and detailed explanations of the scope of work. When you have the right information, you are able to make fully informed decisions for your aircraft. 


Now, as Omni Aircraft Maintenance, we are ready to provide the same service excellence to our industry partners.



Looking at the nose of an aircraft, you might think the dome shape is purely for aerodynamic purposes. However, the nose of an aircraft also serves as a weatherproof housing for important avionics equipment. 


The nose is made of special materials that block external weather influences while allowing electromagnetic radiation to pass through. Inside the nose, you’ll find the radar antenna, sometimes called the dish antenna – a sensitive plate that transmits and receives radio waves. The radar antenna supports a variety of important avionics equipment such as the Ground Proximity Warning System and the weather radar.  


Omni Aircraft Maintenance provides testing and troubleshooting for the following avionics systems:



  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Monitoring
  • Aircraft Flight-Control System
  • Fuel Systems
  • Collision Avoidance Systems 
  • Flight Recorders 
  • Weather Systems 
  • Aircraft Management Systems 


We use a systemic approach to target the source of the problem efficiently. 



Every time you fly, your jet engine is subjected to friction, vibration, high interior temperatures, corrosion and sometimes even physical damage from taking in foreign debris. Jet engine parts rotate rapidly, which  causes metal fatigue over time.


Consequently, jet engine maintenance is a critical component of your maintenance program. Engine manufacturers set mandated Times Between Overhauls (TBOs) to assess whether jet engine repairs or part replacements are necessary.


Most modern engines need an overhaul after 6,000 hours. If your private or business jet accumulates less than 500 hours of flying time a year, you may only need an overhaul every 10-12 years. 


Other mandated inspections, like Major Periodic Inspections (MPI) and Hot Section Inspections (HSI), come with their own specific set flying hours, though they can be extended by conditional jet engine maintenance programs.


Preventative maintenance and periodic inspections can help ensure your aircraft is ready to fly when you are. The Omni Aircraft Maintenance can keep your aircraft up to date on preventative maintenance. 



Airframe inspections are also an important part of your aircraft maintenance plan.  FAA guidelines and manufacturer requirements dictate inspection requirements. 


Whether you need an annual inspection, a progressive inspection or an inspection scheduled after 50 or 100  hours of flight time, Omni Aircraft Maintenance offers on-site airframe inspections.


Airframe inspections are also typically completed during a pre-buy inspection. 


Our computerized tracking system and maintenance professionals will make sure you are on schedule to comply with all of your required inspections. If we uncover any issues that need to be addressed, we’ll take care of the necessary paperwork and source any parts needed. 



Your aircraft cabin helps you relax in comfort and privacy. Updating your cabin’s interior can improve your resale value and help keep your jet looking its best. A modern interior will also make your plane attractive to potential charter customers. 


Many owners choose to paint, reupholstery or modify their interior to match their personal taste.  We can help you with minor cabin repairs, updates and refurbishments as well as recommended trusted professionals for work that is outside of our service offering. 


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Omni Aircraft Maintenance

Omni also specializes in general maintenance. Important areas of the aircraft including the wings, tail or any other part of the aircraft can be handled by our professional service technicians.


At Omni Aircraft Maintenance, we have the experience and breadth of capabilities to maintain your plane and all of its components. We are committed to responsive service, integrity and quality.


We will treat your aircraft as if it was our own and partner with you to protect the investment you’ve made in your plane.


Request a quote today or call our Scheduling Hotline 24/7 at (918) 236-4859 to get started.